MOBI Money: The User-Friendly App for Debit Card Security

Since the internet became a consumer spending outlet, payment card security has been a top concern among consumers. It’s easy to see why. Reports of hackers penetrating retailer databases and stealing card data are common, and so are personal stories of payment card theft leaving hours of frustration for owners verifying unauthorized purchases with their card company.     

These issues have motivated companies specializing in payment cards and security to develop solutions that add confidence to online and in-store buying for card users. One of the best of these new technologies is MOBI Money — a mobile app that links your American Eagle Credit Union debit card to your smartphone allowing manage online and in-store purchases.

Control Purchases Regionally or with GPS

MOBI Money lets you control where purchases are made with your card number. You can restrict purchases to a region or use GPS to limit purchases to the location of your phone. For example, after returning from vacation, you could change settings to limit purchases to your home region. Or you could restrict expenditures to your phone’s GPS coordinates at all times.       

Receive Preference-Based Purchase Alerts

Friends and family know what you like to buy, but does your debit card? MOBI Money can alert you about purchases that don’t match your card spending habits. For example, if you usually buy clothes from Macy’s, and someone uses your card to buy a new wardrobe from Neiman Marcus, you’ll be alerted because the purchase isn’t normally how you shop.  

Deactivate a Stolen Card Immediately  

When people find a debit card missing, they call the card company, and have the card deactivated. With MOBI Money, you can deactivate a missing card with your smartphone. By the time you pass through a card company’s automated phone system and reach an attendant, your card could already be deactivated with MOBI Money.

Store Purchase Receipts in Smartphone   

Paper receipts have drawbacks. They’re printed on flimsy stock that wears easily, their odd size makes them difficult to file, and their print fades after a few months. MOBI Money eliminates the hassle of storing physical receipts by letting you store digital receipts from card purchases in your smartphone.  

Separate Business and Personal Purchases

Using MOBI Money also gives you the option of separating personal and business purchases. Digital receipts for each type of purchase are separated and stored in the app. Separating personal buys from business purchases helps you balance personal spending and investments made for business.    

Kid-Friendly Program Settings

Your children used your credit union card to buy you a diamond-studded Rolex for Christmas. How nice of them! If expensive impulse buys aren’t a part of your budget, use MOBI Money to set spending categories and purchase limits for in-store or online purchases. This is also a great option for setting parameters for a new budget you’ve implemented.

Ready for Increased Card Protection?

Debit cards help us increase financial security by carrying less cash, but cards have their own security concerns. The MOBI Money app does a great job of addressing them in several ways. To use MOBI Money to protect your American Eagle Credit Union debit card, visit Google Play or the Apple App Store, download the app for free, and register your card today.

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