3 Questions to Find the Right Credit Card

3 Questions to Find the Right Credit Card

Finding the right credit card is as simple as defining your own needs.  Use these three questions to help determine what type of credit card fits your needs.


number one  “How often will I use this card?”

Credit cards may be used for big or small purchases, every day or once a week; it just depends on how you see yourself integrating a new line of credit.  How often you plan on using a credit card can help determine the limit and how you’ll budget for repayment.


number two  “Do I want a card for emergencies only?”

Some credit card users will add a card designed with the intention of being used primarily for emergencies.  This option can be ideal for anyone who may not want to include credit cards in their day-to-day purchases, but keep it on hand for those “just-in-case” moments.


Emergency-only credit card users may want to find a card with no annual fee.


number 3  “Do I want rewards for using my card?”

Frequent credit card users typically search for rewards that come with making daily transactions and look for the lowest monthly interest rates.  Rewards options are usually offered as cash back or redeemable bonus points.

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