3 Savings Accounts for Youth and Teens

3 Savings Accounts for Youth and Teens

In our previous post, Teaching Your Kids to Save, Spend and Share, “Only 43% of parents feel prepared to talk to their kids about money”.  So how does the conversation of financial responsibility begin?  One of the first steps to take is opening a savings account.  Start by reviewing these savings account options for your child, (or teen)!


Junior Account Program

For members up to age 9, this program is designed to reinforce the rewards of savings.  Junior Account members receive a monthly postcard reminding them to make a deposit to their savings and features a prize giveaway for making a deposit of $3 or greater. 

Start your Junior Account Program savings account today.


Financial Youth Group

The Financial Youth Group is for members ages 10-13.  Financial Youth Group members receive helpful tips about saving money and how to bring home better grades.  Members receive a postcard every month with details on special programs, including Bonus for Good Grades, Summer of Savings, and the Cold Hard Cash savings programs.

Get your Financial Youth Group savings account setup.


Young Adult Financial Group

Created for members ages 14-21, the Young Adult Financial Group sends email newsletters about exclusive opportunities.  High school seniors of the Young Adult Financial Group are eligible to enter our annual $1500 Vince Jacknewitz College Scholarship program.

Open a Young Adult Financial Group savings account.


Learn more about our youth accounts by visiting our page.  Questions about opening a youth account?  Call us at (800) 325-9905 or send us an email.

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