How to Find the Best Credit Card with the Right Spending Habits

How to Find the Best Credit Card with the Right Spending Habits

Before applying for a credit card, it’s important to consider how you’ll use it to make purchases, and how you’ll budget for the monthly payments. Consider the most common credit card purchase and payment scenarios, matched up with good card features for each situation.   

number one  Every Day Purchases

If there are no limitations for what the card will buy — and it will be used often — two features are highly recommended: a high credit limit and a generous rewards program, such as one that awards “points” you accumulate and can redeem for a variety of rewards such as travel, gift cards and merchandise.


Our Platinum Points VISA may be the perfect fit for your every day purchases.   


number two  Emergency Only

Some only use credit cards for necessary, emergency purchases; typically higher ticket-price, that are inconvenient to pay for with cash or check.  If this is how you prefer to use credit, a card with a low interest rate and low fees is ideal.

The Preferred Platinum VISA card has low rates and no annual fee.


number three  Balance Paid Monthly

We call this the, “Buy Now, Pay Later” method. When you pay the full balance each month, interest isn’t a factor. It’s still good to have a low interest rate, but other features can matter more, such as no annual fees, usage points, and a generous late payment grace period.


number four  Balance Carried Monthly

Choosing a card with a low interest rate should be top priority. When considering interest rates, be sure to distinguish between introductory rates and regular rates


Looking for the Right Card?

American Eagle Credit Union offers a diverse line of VISA cards and can help you select the right one to meet your needs.  Ready to be a new cardholder?  Fill out our online application, Questions?  Reach out to us through our contact form or call the Member Contact Center at (800) 325-9905

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