FASFA deadline is February 8th … reasons to complete it

Most students procrastinate once in awhile. For some, it’s putting off studying for a tough test. For others, it’s pushing back the start date for a long paper. But there’s one thing students who need financial aid for college should never put on the back burner: Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Why Start the FAFSA Now?

If you need funds for college, the biggest reason to start the FAFSA today is the application’s February 8th deadline. There are other good reasons to begin the FAFSA, too. If you need motivation to get started, here are three reasons to be excited about completing the FAFSA.

1. Easy to Receive Free Help

If this is your first time completing the FAFSA, you might need some assistance. There are several ways to get it. You can visit the FAFSA website to submit a question, use the website to phone in for direct assistance, and attend your school’s “FAFSA day”, where student loan specialists explain the application and help students complete it.

2. Money From Many Sources

FAFSA applicants receive funding from four main sources: federal government, state government, businesses and organizations, and the college they attend.

Some students draw assistance from each source, while others compare the offers, choosing one or two that best match their needs. Whichever approach you take, completing the FAFSA helps put you in a good financial position to afford college.

3. Free Funding is Available

A 2016 report from Nerdwallet reveals, “High school graduates missed out on as much as $2.7 billion in free federal grant money in the past academic year…This money went unclaimed mainly because of incomplete or unsubmitted Free Application for Federal Student Aid forms.”

You usually have to meet qualifications to receive grants, but tapping into the free funding starts with filling out the FAFSA. Think of it this way: If completing the FAFSA wins you grants, it’s like you got paid hundreds or thousands of dollars just for filling out the application.

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