3 Financial Resources for College Students

3 Financial Resources for College Students

The school year is coming quickly for college students, and for most that means it’s time to jump back into time management with studies and part-time employment.  Of course, attending college comes with price tags; let us help you navigate the financial course with three of our top resources designed with you in mind.


 number one  Budgeting Tools For Students Who Like Stretching and Saving Dollars

Budgets start with the basics and take away the guess work in money management.  Start with your monthly income and expenses, and our budget tool will break down fixed costs, flex costs, AND savings goals.  Get started on a budget today.



 number two  Managing Student Loans For Students Who Need Financial Path Clarity

Our Student Choice loan program assists with some of the biggest financial moments for college students and breaks them down into easy, step-by-step instructions for understanding some of the most intimidating topics.

  1. Student Loan Borrowing for Undergrads
    Learn what you need to know before you borrow, what the standard application and funding timeline look like, and what the repayment process entails.

  2. The Guide to Your Financial Aid
    Tips and details on how to utilize your FAFSA to its fullest potential and read about other financial outlets that may be offered at your school.

  3. Managing Debt After Graduation
    Graduating this year? Start managing student loans now.


 number three  Bill Pay For On-the-Go Students

Bill Pay is free at American Eagle Credit Union, and with online and mobile access, it saves time and money for any college students who is constantly on-the-go. It’s a great way to make automatic, recurring payments to all regular expenses, such as rent.


American Eagle Credit Union is there with you every step of the way.  Questions?  Contact our Member Contact Center at 1-800-325-9905 or visit your local branch.

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