3 Resources for Home Loan Basics

3 Resources for Home Loan Basics

Ready to purchase your first home?  Utilize these free, easy-to-use tools available on our mortgage page.


Purchase Calculators

Whether you’re a current house-hunter or a future shopper, or simply an aspiring homeowner, check out our purchase calculators.  Each calculator asks questions such as annual income, down payment percentage, anticipated cost of new home, and the loan amount needed with any additional interest rates.  Check out the purchase calculators topics:

-How Much Can You Afford?

-How Much Income Do You Need?

-What Is Your Monthly Payment?

-Should You Rent or Buy?



Step-by-Step: Home Buying Process

This tool takes you from beginning to end, starting with your current financial health and navigating all the steps involved with purchasing a home.

Jump to any part of the Home Buying Process page:

-Financial Health
Similar to the purchase calculators, the financial health section assists in determining the borrower’s ability to afford up-front costs of purchasing a home and the ongoing monthly mortgage.

-Find A Loan
Find the right home loan for each borrower and includes information on down payments.

Get pre-qualified.  Not ready for pre-qualification?  There’s information on becoming pre-approved, too.

-Find a Home
Walk through all the considerations to make when choosing where to purchase a home. 

-Your Offer
Follow the suggestions for making a successful offer on a home, including the checklist for a home inspection prior to the closing.

See the potential closing costs that may be included with the home purchase. 


The Loan Consultant Feature

The loan consultant feature helps match the right home products and rates to fit your individual needs.

Be prepared to enter information such as the purpose of the loan, cost of new home, any down payments, and information on the property including the state and county the residence is located.


Ready to Apply?
Applying for a home loan is easy with our online application.  Questions about purchasing a home?  Contact one of our mortgage loan officers at realestate@abecu.org or call 1-877-269-4179.

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