5 Guides for Every College Student Managing Their Money

5 Guides for Every College Student Managing Their Money

Student Choice provides an online community for college students who manage their own money, from student loans to basic financial wellness tips and solutions.  Here are our 5 favorite topics on iGrad.



 number one  Financial Wellness-Starting Guide

Start a financial literacy program.  Create goals for yourself including how to mold your financial situation after graduation. 

Our favorite highlight:
   “[You] need some competency in financial literacy to make sound financial decisions for the small things in life such as knowing how much to spend at the store, when to pay bills (and from what account) as well as in larger decisions such as knowing how much to contribute from your paycheck to your 401K and how to save for major purchases.”


 number two  Everything About Budgeting-Starting Guide

Everyone should have a budget, but sometimes starting one can be challenging.  In this guide, you’ll become familiar with defining a real budget and calculating all monthly expenses—no matter how small or unnecessary.

Our favorite highlight: 
“Budgeting isn't just about making a spending plan and sticking to it. It's also about making lifestyle adjustments. While your budgeting plan is certainly the roadmap to achieving your goals, there are other changes that can help the trip go smoother.”

Bonus:  Watch the 60 Seconds Answers:  What is a Budget? Video


number three  How Much Should You Borrow?

Every year, many students attending college receive their tuition bill and turn to applying for students loans to support or supplement the cost—but did you know that every year, you have different borrowing options?  Become familiar with the breakdown of student loan borrowing, including if you can reduce your budget.

Our favorite highlight: 
“I told my parents when I was a first-year college student that I could live an $18 weekly grocery budget.”


 number four  Student Loan Repayment Options

Discover the 9 options most students have when it comes to repaying student loans.  iGrad explains each repayment option with a breakdown of how the plan works and what type of post-grad student best fits the model.

Our favorite highlight:  “
By applying for all available aid, borrowing responsibly, and being aware of all the payment plans and resources available to you, you’ll put yourself in a great position to repay the student loan money you invested in your education.”

Bonus:  Sign up to attend the “Smart Strategies for Repaying Federal Loans-Part 1” Webinar.


 number five  Building a Career-Get Started

Graduating college comes with a lot of open possibilities—including hunting for the dream job.  For most grads, that comes with financial challenges. 
Start early.  Understand the tools needed to help refine your career search and even ways to make extra income while job searching that you can put into a savings account for emergencies.

Our favorite highlight:  “
…No financial plan is complete without significant attention to career development.”


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