Your First Credit Card

Your First Credit Card

Credit is a key path on any financial journey. For many, the first step of building credit is a credit card. Making payments on time and staying within the credit limit will impact one’s credit score in a positive way. There are many types of credit cards available, and at the Credit Union we offer several for our members. Here is what you need to know to pick the best option for you:


Preferred Platinum Visa

If you’re looking for the lowest rate available, the Preferred Platinum Visa has it with a preferred rate and no annual fee.


Platinum Points Visa

If you like to earn points for your purchases, this is the card for you. You will earn a “point” for every dollar spent, while accompanied with a great rate and no annual fee. You can use your points for great opportunities via the Rewards! program which includes airfare, hotel stays, cruises, electronics, housewares and sporting equipment, gift cards, and even more. You can start receiving rewards for as little as 3,200 points. For more rewards information, visit .


Secured Platinum Visa

If you have no credit history or past credit problems, a Secured Visa makes increasing your credit easier. It’s simple; the secured card allows you to pledge your savings on deposit savings as collateral for your credit card. You can enjoy a low rate while also earning interest on your savings!


“So where do I go from here?”

You can apply for the credit card you believe will fit best online. If you have questions, come visit us at your local branch and sit down with a personal service counselor or five our Contact Center a call. They will guide you in the right direction and help you through the process.


For more information about the credit union or our credit management services, visit us at

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