Working Capital Line of Credit: The Safety Net for Your Business

Working Capital Line of Credit:  The Safety Net for Your Business

For any growing business, reaching the next level of potential often involves the task of opening a line of credit to achieve its visions for success.  And businesses receive many benefits from banking with a credit union, including solutions like a working capital line of credit.


What is a Working Capital Line of Credit?

A working capital line of credit is peace of mind.  This financing solution is ideal for businesses wanting to reach their growth potential, but might be hesitant when considering the thought of increasing its workforce and at the same time managing day-to-day finances. 

Typically, this line of credit is a workhorse, assisting business owners in paying expenses while waiting for receivables.  It’s the ideal safety net to ensure bills and payroll are covered. 


How to Apply:  Fill out a Personal Financial Statement

Personal Financial Statement-Applicants will complete a personal financial statement.  This statement will require the borrower(s) to list information such as expenditures, accounts, liabilities and net worth.


Are You a Business Looking for a Working Line of Credit?

Complete and return a personal financial statement and view loan options available for businesses of all types and sizes at American Eagle Credit Union.  Our business lending team can find the lending solution that’s right for you.  For more information, contact one of our experienced Business Professionals at 314-657-9659 or email

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