5 Things to Remember When House Hunting During the Holidays

5 Things to Remember When House Hunting During the Holidays

House-hunting during this time of year can provide many benefits:  from decreased competition to having less pressure to make an instant purchase.  Keep these five tips in mind when choosing to look for your next home.

number one blue box  There's Not as Much Competition                

In places where the cold season brings snow and ice, home sales tend to hibernate during late autumn and winter.  

number two blue box There are Fewer Properties for Sale 

Home shopping in colder weather may not give you as many options as shopping in summer, but you may have more time to consult with your lender while searching for the perfect home. In order to find the best available homes in the area, utilize our HomeAdvantage online search.

number three blue box Think About How the Home Looks Seasonally

Colder months prove to change the aesthetics of some of the home's exterior.  Think about how the home will look with landscaping and any additional changes that may come with a warmer time of year.   


number four blue box  Be Thoughtful When Planning Tours with Realtors

Your home buying team is less likely to be busy during the holidays with family gatherings, company parties, church activities, etc. This means that connecting with real estate professionals to view or buy a home could be tougher than it would be in warm weather, when these parties to the home buying process devote more time to listing, showing, and selling properties.    

number five blue box  Overall Costs of Buying a Home May Be Lower

With the decrease in home buying over the holiday season, some realtors may include monthly or seasonal specials to help encourage purchasing a home 


Will a Home Be Your Christmas Gift?

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