5 Ways to Strategically Use Your Credit Card for Everyday Purchases

5 Ways to Strategically Use Your Credit Card for Everyday Purchases

Knowing how to use a credit card with your everyday spending can benefit your finances in a few ways, including creating a healthy spending budget which builds a consistent, positive credit score.  Establishing a good credit history will help with making larger purchases in the future that require taking out a loan.

So, how do you incorporate your credit card into your everyday purchases?  Here are 5 tips to getting started.

number one in blue box  Sign up a Monthly Bill for Auto Pay with Your Credit Card

Auto pay is a great way to incorporate a credit card with your everyday spending habits. If this is your first time including a credit card with your monthly budget, think about starting with a smaller payment—such as a phone or utility bill.  Automatic payment systems will bill your credit card, creating a standard transaction you’ll see charged regularly. 

number two in blue box  Set Up Text or Email Alerts

As you regularly make purchases or bill payments with your credit card, don’t forget to login to your OnlineAccess account and set up reminders. Go to “Text Banking & Alerts” to add an alert for anything from balance updates to payment due dates.  You can also go paperless by choosing online statements.

number three in blue box  Pay On Time

When you open your credit card account, make sure to include the minimum balance due in your monthly budget plan.

number four in blue box  Keep Your Credit Lines Open

Deciding to stop using a credit card or changing your purchase methods doesn’t necessarily mean closing the account. Keep your good credit score with it by maintaining your account by making a few select purchases on that card throughout the year. The longer a line of is credit open, the stronger your credit score will be.

number five in blue box  Use a Card That Gives You the Right Awards

Find the credit card that fits your purchase habits and rewards you. American Eagle Credit Union offers the following credit card options:

Visa Signature Earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day. No limit. No changing categories. And best of all, no annual fee. You'll save an introductory 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for twelve months (after the promotional period, the purchase rate applies; purchase rates range from 12.25%* - 20.25% as of 9/1/17, based on underwriting).
Apply for your Visa Signature online today!

Preferred Platinum VisaWant the lowest rate available on our Platinum credit cards? Preferred Platinum Visa has it ... a preferred rate. And, of course, no annual fee. Apply online today.

Platinum Points Visa Earn one point for every dollar in purchases while you enjoy a great rate and no annual fee. Use your points for great opportunities via the Rewards! program.  Apply online today and visit the Rewards! site to learn more about the travel and merchandise opportunities or to review complete Program Rules.

Secured Platinum VisaIf you have no credit history or past credit problems, a Secured Visa can make increasing your purchasing power and credit limit easy. You'll enjoy a low rate and no annual fee while your savings continue to earn interest. Apply online today.


Get started by applying for your Visa credit card online—it’s easy!  Questions about our Visa credit cards?  Contact us online or reach our Contact Center at 1-877-325-2848.

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